Welcome to pets need love 2 , we are happy you stopped by to see our beautiful animals that we are currently caring for . Our goal and hopes are to find caring loving and most of all forever homes. We are a no-kill adoption agency that takes in owner surrendered animals along with abused ,neglected and abandonned dogs and cats. We also rescue dogs and cats on death row at the local pounds.
The animals that enter our doors are put into loving foster homes and will stay there until they find their new homes.
We wish there wasn't a need for us to be here but unfortunately this isnt the case. The problem of pet overpopulation is twofold. We must think in terms of supply and demand. Supply is a big problem-there are far too many companion animals in the country than there are good homes commited to caring for them. This is one reason that spay/neuter is so important.Supporting puppy/kitten mills by buying pets at pet stores or from backyard breeders encourages people to breed pets strictly for profit. There is no good reason to breed your pet these days while there are already shelters full of wonderful dogs, cats, kittens and puppies that will be destroyed because they don't have homes.
Let's all be part of the solution and adopt a loving pet from shelters,agencies, and only reputable rescue organizations. Let"S stop the uncontrolled breeding of the mills and say we won't tolerate or support them any longer.
We love what we do and we hope we can help you find the perfect pet to join your family. We are involved in several causes to support animals well-being. Currently we are trying to help get signatures to stop the skinning of live dogs,cats in china . If you would like to sign the petition you can go to however i must warn if you are sensitive to animal cruelty please do not watch the video all that is needed is your signature....we thank you all for your support and kindness and we look forward to dealing with you all!!!!!!

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